Finally, I find time to post here again. I took part on the Allegro Speedhack 2003 some months ago, but my entry (called Squiddle) didn't turn out too well. I re-used some old sector code with broken collision-detection, and this hunted me during all the 48 hours. After the competition was over, I proved to myself how bad it was re-using the old code, by writing a working sectors-engine with working collision detection in only 2 hours. Had I just done the same at the start of the competition! Next time I won't re-use any code again. Another problem was OpenGL, which is a mess to code in by hand. Needless to say, the result isn't every playable.
The good things is, I sort of teamed up with Paul Pridham during the Speedhack, who provided the Squid idea (which seems to be the only good thing in my entry btw.) - and we are going to create a game called Squid-Fighter :) together now. There's already a SF project for it, and some preliminary code checked in. And there's a wiki site for it in Johan Peitz's and Paul's wiki already. I'm thinking about making something similar here - that is, allow not only posting news and adding new games and links, but make the complete site editable. Well, anyway, in case I do it, I'll know now where to ask for help. Actually, the comments posting stuff I have at the bottom of every page ever since the first release already is a bit similar to it.