iconThe Coke diet


How Coke helped me lose weight!
I love Coca Cola. I was drinking 2 liters of it per day. Every day for about 10 years. And despite what people claim I never had any health problems. About half a year ago I bought a scale and then, just as some kind of experiment initially, tried watching what would happen if I'd reduce my Coke intake to 1 liter per day. And in the following weeks actually reduced it further to no Coke anymore. This is the somewhat interesting result:

I started losing weight really fast by just leaving out one liter of coke at first. And then constantly kept losing weight. After about three months I was losing much less weight even though I was eating/drinking the exact same things, not sure why. Still, by simply replacing those 2 liters of coke with 2 liters of carbonated water I keep losing weight. The three days at the end without data points is when I wasn't home (and also got sick which explains the somewhat abrupt weight loss there). But that means I'm now down 10 kg, from about 80 kg to about 70 kg, which means my experiment is now done I guess.
Maybe next I'll see how fast I can get the weight back if I start drinking Coke again :)