iconthe end of END_OF_MAIN


Looks like Allegro 5 is on track to actually getting released. Evert had the honor of doing the historic commit:
Revision: 12842
Author:   eglebbk
Date:     2010-01-24 23:13:25 +0000 (Sun, 24 Jan 2010)

Log Message: ----------- Removed END_OF_MAIN() from all Allegro examples and from the library.
For me the END_OF_MAIN macro always was one of the bad things about Allegro 4 and now in A5 we finally have done away with it. Why it was so hard to get rid of it is an interesting story all by itself... but not what I was going to post about...
In fact the reason I'm posting is just to keep my three-posts-per-year rate up. Seeing how it's still only January, I might even do much better this year. On the other hand with work and all kinds of other troubles I highly doubt that. And my focus also is more on Sword of Fargoal than on Allegro 5 right now - still maybe there will be a weekend where I spontaneously decide to take part in a LudumDare or similar. I kinda missed the last LD as well as PyWeek and SpeedHack - much harder to have time for this kind of things now. And I miss them a lot.
Anyway, I plan to port one of my games on this site to my ipod using Allegro 5. Haven't decided which one yet. But it will be some incentive to hack on A5. That is if Trent has left any bugs to fix for me in the iphone port. Not sure I'll really get around to it though and then whether I'll submit the game to the app store... it would mean getting a dev license and for that ideally first registering a company name - which may be easy and cheap, but just as well may be not.