The main design principle is again: '''Utmost simplicity'''. This is so I have a slight chance of finishing it.
The game itself is a RTS game, which takes place in space. You build up planets to get industry and research, which ultimatively results in the ability to construct more and stronger ships. With ships you can settle on new planets or take over planets from other players. Some parts of the game are inspired by an old game called '''Ascendancy'''.

User Interface

Being an RTS game, a user interface unfortunately is a must. You need to manage large numbers of owned planets and ships, give orders to ships, and order construction of planets and ships. So there will need to be clickable buttons and scrollable lists.

Game Rules

A planet has 4 base properties:
* Industry * Research * Population * Growth
As well as additional ones, like defense, fire power, communications, and some special abilities depending on strutures on it.
The industry affects how fast things can be built on the planet. Research is how much the planet contributes to overall research. Population is the number of people living on the planet - it limits the amount of working structures. The growth corresponds to how fast the population can grow.
Each planet can only have one project at a time. One free population is needed for it. All the industry is used to work on the project.
The result of a project usually is a new structure, which will need one population to maintain it. E.g. a factory, farm, laboratory or residence.
Each working population takes up growth. Excess growth will lead to population increase.
Eventually, there's enough industry to undertake building a ship. Ships have these base properties:
* Energy * Defense * Speed * Starlane speed
As well as additional ones depending on special structures.
Ships can be told to leave the orbit, and then to fly to another planet, or to another star. They will autonomously fight any enemy ships they encounter. With the right equipment, they can be ordered to create a settlement on a new planet, or to attack a planet.