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Menu: Grab your gun

Oh no, what appears out of the dark?

Thunderstorm coming up!

What might be in there?

This game apparently was started for the "Halloween Hack 2003" (but not finished in time). I'm actually quite proud of it though. It certainly is quite playable. My first try on a FPS. Run around in a spooky forest, determined to end the horrors emerging from within every Halloween. Sad memorys are connected with the old revolver, which belonged to your father. Who died on a Halloween night like this, many years ago. But now you are determined to succeed where he has failed. You grab the bag with shiny new ammo, and start trotting along, the revolver in your hand. The sun already has set and in the darkness you can barely make up the dark looming shapes of the forest which is your goal. Will you manage to rid it from the evils causing terror every Halloween, or will it be your doom? Along your quest you will meet Igor, who has a dark secret. And you will be able to upgrade your rusty old peace keeper to a shotgun. And you will need good nerves. I guess I'll try to upload the source code soon. Or maybe convert the old software 3D to OpenGL first?