iconPyweek and Speedhack


Seems I made fifth place for single entries in this pyweek, which is pretty good for me, since I just take those compos as excuse to work on games and don't really try to achieve scores :) Actually, I'm tied with fourth place, fun category is 3.1 for both, but mine has less innovation but more production. In fact, surprisingly, I won the production category (no other solo entry even reach 4). Guess rendered graphics as opposed to pixel art does count a bit, and my 8 seconds of looping music were quite well received in the comments (except for the fact that it starts getting annoying after 8 seconds :P). Also, unlike my previous pyweek, 100% could play this one. What a difference not using any OpenGL extensions makes. As for Speedhack which I also participated in this month, I made a 3D game, trying to implement the rules - especially the dialog rule was hard (and I didn't really get to the friction and influence rules much). Also, 48 hours aren't enough to make Halo 3, but I think I got pretty close :)