iconWorst software of the year award


I'm really annoyed. A few weeks ago when I updated harddrives, I accidently deleted my old Allefant-for-cellphone code, as it wasn't placed along with my other C code (it's Java after all). So in the last days, I decided to attempt and rewrite it. Just, going with the time, I finally gave in and thought, what the heck, I can as well use Eclipse for this and see what all those Java users are talking about. But then, what happened, I'm editing away for a few hours, struggling with this Java code - then all of a sudden it crashes. Memories of windows 98, almost 10 years ago. But ok, even in Linux apps can crash, even though it's a long time I had any app do that for me. So, I restart eclipse - but the file I had edited is complete blank. Also no mention of a crash or anything. It simply is gone. Hard to believe, but it seems Eclipse is a program which just emerged out of the stone ages of software design. Needless to say, I de-installed Eclipse and decided to never use it again, and also my Java endeavors are on hold for now as I don't feel the least bit motivated again rewriting this code which was lost due to the stupidity of the Eclipse creators. And my opinion about Java itself also hasn't change in the least bit by this incident (likely Eclipse is written in Java) :P