iconApple has no idea of user interface design


It's fun how broken apple devices are, compared to all the hype they get. I just wanted to buy an app on my gen4 ipod touch. After clicking the buy button it asked me to log in with my email and password. The screen looked like this:
After repeatedly trying to type in the password and always failing I went to itunes and double checked I had remembered everything right. I had. So after trying all kinds of things for half an hour I tried and put my apple-id instead of the email into the email field. And it worked. That's quite a serious bug in one of the key apps - how could they not notice this before shipping the device?
But the real fun started after that. When I realized that the app was almost 1 GB in size I decided I didn't want to download it over my slow wireless as it would take hours. So, I tried to cancel the download. Yes, the most simple and basic thing, right? Cancel a download. So, I hold my finger on the app icon. As expected all my apps start shivering in fear of getting deleted and a small x appears next to each. To each, except the one I want to delete. What the hell. So after some googling, I turn off wireless, log out of the store, reboot the device (and almost decide to throw it out of the window). But nothing works, it insists on either just saying "Waiting..." if there's no internet connection, or else "Loading..." or "Paused...". Yes, it let's me pause it. But not cancel as I want. Only two solutions left seem to be completely restoring the device from itunes (but I don't want to plug it in) or letting it do a completely useless 1GB download, just so I can fucking delete the app.
So yes, doesn't look like my opinion on Apple products will change anytime soon.