This is a list of games I always wanted to remake. Probably never will.


* ~-wikipedia-~ * '''Amiga''' * Isometric puzzle/adventure game. Non-linear, excellent graphics, very big and varied game. * Estimated work: Prohibitive X-( * Hm, there's lots of nice public domain castle plans, looking just like made to be used as a game map, e.g. this one
* Just realized, this earlier game looks quite similar


* ~-wikipedia-~ * '''BBC micro''' * 2D exploration game. Non-linear, great graphics, big. * Estimated work: Few weeks |-)

Crazy Sue

* ~-wikipedia-~ * Title scan on German Amigo! issue 1 (the one I got): here * Title scan of original release in Amiga Fun (GB) issue 1: here * Apparently, there was a 3rd release on PD Soft 2448, apparently the publishers of PD Soft didn't check too much what they release as public domain :) here * '''Amiga''' * Standard platform game, the first platform game I remember playing on the Amiga. Excellent graphics, music and gameplay (very hard). * Estimated work: Some days B-)
* could use those tilting platforms i used in the Python vs Perl game
* could also have the waves from the Wave game
* and maybe reach a Caribbean Island
* oh, and she could fly on a big dragon in some level. It would be walkable, with different positions, like sitting on the head and stearing, or sitting on a wing and operating a cannon... that sort of thing. Might also be fun for multiplayer.
* maybe a volcano level