Allegro Battle Pinball Simulator

ABPS was my entry to the ideahack 2001. It's a multiplayer pinball game. I found some old log with screenshots, which I made during the competition:

22. September 2001


17. September 2001


Worked some more on the clouds..

16. September 2001:

screenshot ideahack4

Sunday evening, all I did today was trying to get some gfx done...without *ANY* success :( as you can see.. this is supposedly to be the background..

screenshot ideahack3

The main game.. well, it doesn't work yet..

screenshot ideahack2

This shows the menu, as it will probably stay, Only the design is likely to change.

15. September 2001:


My first screenshot, showing part of the menu (with which I just decided to start)...


This is my design document and schedule for ideahack, depicting the basic split pinball board layout for 2 players, with the ball launcher in the middle.