iconSpeedhack 2011


Took part in Speedhack 2011. The game I made is called Red, White & You. The speedhack rules this timere were ESRB-E rating, random, color, propaganda and lazyness. Not much to get a specific game idea so I just started coding, using pymunk. In hindsight pymunk was a bad choice as I had a hard time getting it to work on Windows. It uses some Python 2.x constructs (I'm using Python 3) and its script couldn't compile a new chipmunk.dll which does not depend on msvcr71.dll. Also I know the chipmunk C API so the extra cruft pymunk adds wasn't so useful, especially as it's very incomplete. Next time I'll just use ctypes and chipmunk (mingw compiled dll for windows) directly. Will solve all problems :) Coding the game itself was a lot of fun though, so I'm happy :)