Middle of February, and I haven't updated the site at all yet this year. So, well, here goes. Work on ''Woosls'' has completely halted, instead I started on another RPG, with working title ''Dungeons of Wesnoth'', which had its first line of code written on Junary 1st 2007. It's foremost a test of implementing a MMORPG, I always wanted to try doing one of those. Of course, testing it only on my dev machine doesn't really tell if it actually would be scalable to more than 1 player, but that's besides the point :) Also, the ''Velocity Level 2'' and ''Crazy Sue Remake'' projects are on hold. So well, like always, I have far too few free time to do anything meaningful at all, and doesn't look like 2007 will change this in a positive direction at all.