iconUpgrade to MoinMoin 1.5.3


I just before upgraded to moin 1.5.3. It seems to have been rather painless (due to writing down step by step instructions for myself the first time I upgraded) :) No pages seem to be missing so far, user login works, theme still works, in short, it all seems to work. I need to see about the automated anti-spam updates, probably requires some fiddling to get through SF's firewall.
On other news, I dropped out of the second shmup-dev. My game from the first one (Velocity) was put together with the top 3 entries on the DVD of a magazine called "PC Format". They didn't contact me, but I was told I should be proud of it, so I guess I am :)
Retro Remakes competition started a few days ago, as well as gamedev's 4 elements competition. Didn't look at all yet on the latter, and the former's rules won't allow continuing Fist2 which I worked on with Paul some time ago.
So, no idea yet what will be the next game to put up on this site.