iconGot new cellphone


Well, my old cell's battery broke, so I got a new one. It didn't sound too expensive together with a 2 year contract. In total it cost me 129€ (9€ for the phone, and 5€ / months for the phone company contract, so 120€ for the 2 years). But well, I didn't really care a lot what sort of phone it would be, as long as it could, well, phone - which was all my old one could do. However, it seems phones today (or well, this one even is an old model from last year i guess) are whole little computers. It has a camera, radio, mp3 player, and whatnot. Oh, and it can run java programs.
Apparently, it also can run native code, but it seems to be quite hard to get a compiler, especially for Linux. So, well, not really expecting it to work, I connected it to the USB in Linux. And there the first miracle happened - without any config files or anything, it let itself mount and a little icon appeared on the desktop, giving me access to the phone's memory stick. Next thing, I google for "k750" which is the phone's make, follow some tutorial mainly consisting of "apt-get install cobex", and now I also can access the phone's file system.
So, more out of fun than being serious, I download a ".jar" file, and do: "cobex_put /dev/mobile the.jar the.jar". The phone makes a DING sound - and asks if it should install the application. Now, Uni just started again, and I have zero time to play, but I just couldn't resist and tried to start a little game. And here it is, a photograph of my phone running my Java game. Yes, you better believe it, Allefant 1 running on a cell phone!!!