Donkey was my entry to the Speedhack 2001. One requirement of the speedhack was to create a puzzle game, and after having no idea what to code for hours, I suddenly remembered a game I used to play back on the Amiga. The idea for my entry is taken from that game. It is the only game, when finished (ok, finishing it was something else which was unique then), I myself liked the result, and couldn't believe I coded it in 3 days! Some screenshots:
In donkey, you control a donkey whose task it is to clear the level of bombs. He is too stupid though do anything other to a bomb besides fusing it, which can make for some quite challenging puzzles.
Ouch. Poor donkey.
Ice (and breaking floor) can easily bring death. But this time the donkey was lucky.
From level 10 upwards, the levels get more challenging. I think actually nobody ever finished level 10, because the speedhack version had a bug which made it impossible to finish.. (The one in the download above is though.)
Some features of donkey: * Sound effects * Music (donated by X-Viila) * pre-raytraced graphics * level editor * (yes, i made all of it in 3 days )