In the last weeks, I revamped this site. Going with the time, it is now *drumroll* a Wiki! And I also practiced my CSS skills a bit to make a nice new outfit. It's also possible to view it in different themes, if someone makes another :) It all runs on the MoinMoin wiki engine, and is still about the Allefant Games (and some others), and still hosted on SourceForge.
Being a wiki, you can still leave comments, just as with the old site. MoinMoin has effective anti-spam measurements, so there should be no more spam problems like on the old site though, hopefully :)
Upcoming are some hack competitions, probably I'll join one or the other. And I still have a backlog of stuff to clean up and put here.
On other news, I'm still an Allegro developer, and I'm also working on my own tile engine called Land.