iconSoF version

Download! Review on! This is our entry '''Sword of Fargoal'''. It has it's own site here: [ I made it together with Paul Pridham, after already teaming up with him a 48h version of a similiar game. It also is the official fargoal PC remake of Jeff McCords game and linked to from his official site: []

48h version

This was my '''RPGDX Compo Nostos 48h summer 2003''' contest entry. In this RPGDX competition, you had to write an RPG game in only 48 hours (plus a 24 hour time extension). That is, all game content, including story and any data, had to be created during the contest. It was allowed to use an existing engine, so coding was not strictly required - however I also created all the code during the contest. Teaming up with Madgarden, we were able to produce quite a nice game, which inspired us to later write a complete remake :) Here's a screenshot: Need to find a download again for this one..