iconrm -rf wordpress


Wordpress is no more. Someone managed to hack into my wordpress... and instead of trying to figure out how to pest-exterminate the database so I could run it again I decided to just rm -rf wordpress. I hacked up a quick script to dump out some of the old blog entries from the wordpress database. Maybe I'll restore the theme and some other stuff as well. But probably not :P

I really like that this website is now just static .html and nothing else. No PHP, no server side includes, no nothing. I might as well uninstall Apache now. I should have done that 10 years ago, so should be thankful to whoever demonstrated to me just how bad Wordpress really is by hacking into it. Unfortunately I don't know if they broke out of the Wordpress database and also control the rest of my server now. I probably should set it up anew when I find the time. Anyway, this is how a website should be done, and maybe some CSS and Javascript to make it look a bit more slick :)