iconMini LDs


Over at they decided to hold "mini LDs" in the months without real LDs, and I played around with some code for the previous two mini LDs. I only spent a few hours in each. The theme for the first one was "versus", and my idea involved Python vs Perl - i.e. you take control of a Python and have to eat perls :)
I think I did pretty well with it, screenshots and video are at its LD48 entry page.
For the second mini LD, the theme vs "the game to the movie", and I had no idea at all. Consequently also no finished game. I did spent some time writing up some kind of 2D vector collision engine in pure python though - the result can be seen here.
Hm, and I really should get me some cheap host, SF doesn't allow outgoing connections and therefore no akismet. Anyone who has a wordpress blog probably knows what the means :( On the other hand, free hosts such as don't allow any customization, so that wouldn't work either. Besides, there's no real content here, and I don't really blog.. so the only reason for this site's existance is that I like to play around with the website from time to time :)